Book Collaborations

Below you’ll find book collaborations and co-authored books.


I’m one of the contributing author’s on Media Magnetism: How to Attract the Favorable Publicity You Want and Deserve. IS YOUR BUSINESS CLOSE-UP IN PERFECT FOCUS? Attracting – and maximizing – great PR opportunities for you, your idea and your organization is as much an art as it is a science if you want to sparkle in the spotlight. In this must-have book covering all aspects of today’s media relations, industry experts offer “been there/done that” tips, resources and guidelines on how to: Make influential connections • Become sound-bite savvy • Endear yourself to reporters • Survive awkward moments • Use social media wisely • Manage a cost-effective campaign. Looking for that portal to media magic? It’s right here in your hands.

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Color Your Life: Daily Meditations for the Creative Soul*

I’m the co-author of Color Your Life: Daily Meditations for the Creative Soul, a wonderful guide for anyone who’s interested in shifting their life for the better. Through the use of color and creativity, you’ll be guided on a soulful journey that teaches you to “paint each day” with a different color. The exercises and affirmations will help you to strengthen your inner being. Note: Thom Bybe, Editor and Chief Creative Officer. All words were written by me, Amandah Blackwell, writing as Celeste Teylar for Nascent Digital Press, LLC.

Your Inner Child: Daily Meditations for the Young at Heart Soul*

I’m the co-author of Your Inner Child: Daily Meditations for the Young at Heart Soul, which contains thirty-one meditations to help readers add a little fun into their daily lives. Each day starts off with a simple quote. Each quote is explained, the accompanied by a few words of wisdom in “Your Inner Child Whispers.” Each meditation also gives readers a little task or activity to allow that inner child to come out. Whether it’s coloring in a coloring book, jumping in a puddle, or reminiscing about your favorite childhood toy, each activity will require a bit of creativity on the readers part, allowing them to add a little goofiness and fun into their daily routine. Being an adult can be tough; skin becomes thick in order to deal with the realities of life. But, contrary to what people may think, letting out your inner child can help you deal with those harsh realities and enjoy life more. Next time life has you down, remember: Playtime + Laughter = The best medicine to heal and shift your life.

The Seussifcation of Life: Daily Meditations for the Movin’ & Groovin’ Soul*

I’m the co-author of The Seussification of Life: Daily Meditations for the Movin’ and Groovin’ Soul. With thirty-one daily meditations, this book allows readers to find a unique perspective on life and then apply it themselves through thought-provoking exercises that require writing, playing, self-reflection, and more. Not only will readers have the opportunity to remember and reflect on their favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and books, but they’ll be able to look at life with a child-like innocence and positivity that they may have lost as they’ve aged. Unlike any other meditation book out there, the Seussification of Life: Daily Meditations for the Movin’ and Groovin’ Soul makes self-reflection fun, creative, and exciting. Prepare to remember your favorite Seuss book, your favorite Seuss quote, and access your inner child as you meditate on your past, present, and future in this hands-on book.

*Published under the pen name Celeste Teylar with Nascent Digital Press, LLC.