Discover the Golden Ladder within Yourself and Climb Out of Your Pain

Discover The Golden Ladder within You from Amandah Tayler Blackwell.

In March 2007,  I began my metaphysical and spiritual (I sometimes refer to it as the Journey to the Center of Me.). As I started to peel back the layers of my life, the poetry within me began to come out. One of those poems is titled The Golden Ladder.

Sometimes, we hit rock bottom and can’t see a way out. However, if you adjust your eyes to the dark, you’ll see a glimmer of light, of hope. Furthermore, you’ll see that you within you is a golden ladder that you can use to climb out of the depths of your despair or whatever it is you’re feeling or going through.

When you begin to climb, pause on each rung and think about how you got there. Maybe you experienced a break up. Perhaps you lost your job. Maybe someone close to you died. Whatever your experiences are, learn the lessons so you may move forward. Find the love and carry it with you.

Here is The Golden Ladder.

The Golden Ladder

Deep inside lays a golden ladder,
You must seek your inner being to locate it.
It cannot and will not be found outside of you,
Although, I’m sure you’ll believe this to be untrue.

No one will present you with the golden ladder,
You must discover it yourself – it’s the only way.
Your life provides the map to it, with all of its twists and turns,
Do you accept the adventure?
Or will you run and hide?

The golden ladder will lead you to the top,
If you expect the best, this is where you will find it.
At top are all of the riches that your life has to offer,
What will you do to get them?

Complaining, blaming, whining, playing a victim,
These will not lead you to the golden ladder.
They are the obstacles that will prevent you from it,
It will become invisible to you, yet remain present.

Whether or not you chose to seek the golden ladder,
The outside world as you know it will continue on as it has been.
Its projection to you may be good or bad, prosperity or lack, success or failure,
It may shock you to know, you played a part in it all,
You were the key and did not realize it.

The choice is yours to seek the golden ladder,
The world will continue on as you know it,
Your life will continue to be as it is.
You could change it by seeking the golden ladder,
Take hold of it and begin to climb,
The choice is yours my friend, the choice is yours.

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Have a Blessed Day and Life!


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